Pat's Priorities


I have lived most of my adult life in or around College Ward. As a long-term resident of Bel-Air Heights, I became very familiar with the benefits and challenges of living in the ward while I raised my family here. Now, as I go door-to-door in the hope of meeting you, I’m listening to what matters most to you and your family.

You have identified many challenges and civic issues for me to remedy. Running a big city is a complicated undertaking and I am stepping up to be part of the solution. I have a lifetime of experience living in the ward and a demonstrated background of sound business experience, dedication to community through my charitable involvement, and Board leadership.

Through my work, I’ve become skilled at bringing order out of chaos through a focus on relationship building, negotiation, and problem-solving. I’ve combined these skills with effective listening, seeking out expert advice, and a consistent commitment to doing the right thing at the right time.

Successful political leadership is about the art of compromise – bringing people with different views, values and priorities together to help them forge ahead in a way that satisfies everyone’s core needs.

I am uniquely positioned to provide College Ward with experienced, proven leadership and a demonstrated ability to get people working together to generate solutions.

I am not affiliated with or endorsed by any third-party political organizations.

I am completely independent and focused solely on looking out for the best interests of residents and moving College Ward forward!


I’ve helped thousands of families in the ward during their most difficult times as COO and co-owner of Hulse, Playfair & McGarry funeral homes. I’ve served our community for over 30 years through my Board work with non-profit and charitable organizations.

My ward office will have evening and weekend hours so working residents can get service when it works for them, not the other way around.

I also believe residents who volunteer to support their communities should have a seat at the table. As such, I will form a ward-wide advisory committee made up of community, neighbourhood and BIA leaders to help me address what needs doing.

I will make community building a community effort.


We are currently experiencing an affordability crisis in our city. As such, I do not believe this is the time for large property tax increases. I am committed to working towards keeping property taxes as low as possible, and making significant efforts to fund any necessary increases in spending through efficiencies created elsewhere in the city budget.

For people trying to buy their first home, for seniors concerned about keeping their homes, and for those who employ so many others in businesses, large and small…

I will work to make life in our city more liveable for everyone.


I will target smart development and growth in the ‘missing middle’ of our housing market.

While there could be some appropriate spaces for high-rise towers, we can do a lot in College Ward using planned unit developments (PUDS), laneway homes in select places, and mid-rise buildings near collector and arterial streets.

Residential development along the new Bus Rapid Transit corridor on Baseline will be a great way to promote transit use, build housing and avoid conflict with the more traditional ‘R1’ single-family home neighbourhoods.

I will work towards a more balanced housing spectrum and increasing supply to improve affordability.


We must do better to show residents value for the tax dollar in this area. Free transit is not the answer.

The transit split spreads the cost of a ride between the rider and every taxpayer, recognizing that both are getting a benefit. I support that in principle and also recognize that we need to do all we can to limit transit fare increases.

This does not mean simply reducing the rider share at the expense of the taxpayer by hiding it on the tax bill. We should be reviewing the need for further subsidizing transit costs for those who need help making the fare payment.

Enhancing the EquiPass, student pass and senior rider fare subsidies will make transit more affordable for those most price sensitive to fare changes while allowing those who can pay more to do so up front, rather than having the cost hidden in their tax bill.

I will work with all levels of government to ensure the Baseline Road Bus Rapid Transit project is prioritized for shared funding, and that sensible, high-density development is being planned in an environmentally, socially, and fiscally responsible manner in adjacent areas.


Road safety and traffic calming are high priorities. I’ll use education and enforcement to reduce dangerous driving, especially in school zones.

During a recent televised all-candidates’ debate, I pledged that if elected, I will divert my annual car allowance of approx. $7,000 for the next four years to support traffic calming initiatives in College Ward especially in school zones. I believe our children’s safety is of paramount importance.

Approximately 75% of our roadways are deemed by the City to be in poor repair. While I value active transportation and the connectivity of our city through bike and walking paths and will work towards related improvements, Council also needs to place a high priority on roadway repair including pot holes in the ward, old and new, that need to be fixed! Road repair means safer roads for all users, not just cars.

I will work to ensure that infrastructure improvement services are delivered in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost to the taxpayers with a high rate of return.


While I support smart development, I’m a community-supported candidate. I don’t accept donations from developers or unions.

I’ll work to promote smarter, resident-informed development and a balanced housing spectrum involving mixed-use, walkable communities, affordable housing, manageable traffic, and thoughtful private and public-sector solutions.

My votes within council will never be influenced by third parties.


Council should focus on mitigating the impacts of climate change on residents. We must continue to do our part by promoting transit and other modes of active transportation.

The LRT removes tens of thousands of diesel buses and is the largest environmental project in the city. In addition to the Ottawa River Action Plan, council should ensure any new city infrastructure is LEED and Green Building certified to the fullest extent possible.

Council also needs to ensure infrastructure is upgraded to respond to our changing climate. Our single biggest climate change protection is the hardening of our Hydro infrastructure to mitigate power outages caused by extreme weather events. Outages which affect thousands of residents and are now often multi-day occurrences.

I will work towards the securing of secondary power and energy redundancy to keep residents safe while we collectively pull our planet back from the edge to which we have pushed it.


I want to bring people together to bring out the best in our Council, in College Ward, in our residents and in myself. We have all been through so much during the pandemic that this should be a time for healing and helping one another, not for creating further divisiveness.

I will work to create a legacy of collaboration and driving results that all can be proud of and which will make our city and College Ward safer, more liveable, affordable, and inclusive for all.

I care deeply about the residents of College Ward, and I will provide you with skilled, respectful representation and a powerful voice at Ottawa City Council.

I’ll work hard for you every day I’m in office to make College Ward and our city a better place to live.

I'm here to help.