"McGarry would bring welcome and rare business experience to council."

Randall Denley, Columnist, Ottawa Citizen (August 16, 2022)



"It is clear that Pat McGarry has the energy for position and intelligence on issues while having a plan that proposes looking for the best solution. Through his professional, philanthropic endeavours, McGarry is engaged at the community level in Ottawa, and his interest in helping to create a better city is authentic."

Mckenzie Donovan, Writer, Ottawa Life Magazine - August 31, 2022

Business leader and philanthropist Patrick McGarry runs for Council. (ottawalife.com)


“I was very excited to hear Pat was running, even more excited when I heard his interview on City News 1310 radio! I wouldn't say this unless I meant it, but certainly one of the very best interviews I've heard from a newcomer. He didn't sound new at all. He knew his stuff, spoke well, wasn't glib, just really strong. ”

Sue Sherring, Former Ottawa Sun Columnist, Municipal Politics

Our community recently lost long-time journalist and city hall watcher Sue Sherring. Before she passed, Pat was honoured to have received her endorsement. We continue to keep Sue’s sons and family in our thoughts as they mourn the loss of their wonderful mother.


"Pat is exactly the type of individual we want at the table in council meetings. His business expertise, community involvement and his overall knowledge of our city and his riding tells me College Ward and the people who live there will be very well represented. Like it or not, our city is changing rapidly and people like Pat are the right people to lead us forward."

Jim Durrell, 53rd Mayor of Ottawa


"Pat is a great candidate.  I would have been proud and lucky to have had him on my Council!"
Jacquelin (Jackie) Holzman, Former Mayor of Ottawa


"I have known Patrick for 25 years. Not only does he have extensive business experience, he is energetic, he listens, he responds and he is totally committed to serving the residents of College Ward. My husband, Ron and I fully support Pat McGarry."

Mary Pitt, Last Mayor of Nepean


“Pat McGarry brings intelligence, business acumen, common sense, and a personal commitment to making our city a better place through a history of hard work and an ethical dedication to doing the right thing. A commitment to an excellence of performance with a humorous flair is central to Pat’s character. I am honoured to support and endorse Pat McGarry as he offers taxpayers the exact qualifications we need on the new Ottawa City Council.”

Andrew Haydon P. Eng., Former Mayor of Nepean, Regional Chairman


Pat is the candidate Ben (Franklin) would have endorsed for College Ward.  His strong business sense and leadership skills make him the most compelling and qualified candidate for City Council.  I also know him to be a kind, caring and delightful person.  Pat McGarry is the best choice for College Ward.

Sherry Franklin, wife of the late Ben Franklin, former Mayor of Nepean


"Patrick, I am so glad to see you stepping forward and I hope you gain the local support needed. You would be a great addition to our city’s council."

Vernon White, Senator/Sénat du Canada, Former Police Chief, Ottawa Police Service 


"I grew up in College Ward and am thrilled to support Pat McGarry as the best candidate for City Council. On the professional front, Pat has a strong head for business -  consistently demonstrating wisdom, good judgement and intuition. Pat always stood out among the crowd to me as a strong leader who exemplifies trust and integrity.  On a personal note, he's a kind, caring and compassionate individual laser-focused on serving the needs of others."
Vanessa Simmons, SVP of Business Development, Pythian


"I have known Pat for many years and I can’t think of a better candidate for City Council. Pat’s passion for the City of Ottawa, keen intelligence, and tireless community involvement that has generated literally hundreds of connections with people in the city will be a huge benefit to the residents of College Ward and to all citizens of our Nation's Capital."
Jock Climie, Partner, Emond Harnden and Former CFL player and TSN broadcaster


What great news!  What a wonderful representative Pat would be for College Ward.

Jacqueline Belsito, Vice President of Philanthropy at CHEO Foundation


"I have known Patrick for over 30 years and he is exactly the type of person we need in public office. He is doing it for all the right reasons. Patrick lives in the business world and understands it. He also acutely understands the wants, wishes and needs of everyday Ottawans. He hears it every day in his work. He deals with people from all walks of life and helps them through some of the toughest times any of us will face and he does it with empathy, compassion, professionalism and an understanding that you also have to help a family deal with the dollars and cents involved in real life decisions. I am not in Patrick's ward, but if I was this would be a slam dunk decision on election day for me."

Dean Brown, Sportscaster, Voice of the Ottawa Senators


"Pat’s business and leadership acumen are much needed in our community and I’m glad to see his candidacy for City Council. With the fast changing realities and needs to sustain a progressive Capital city, Pat’s demonstrated effective leadership in business will be fundamental. What makes Pat the right candidate for public office is his contributions in our community to date and his approach in responsible leadership with comprehension of key issues/opportunities, clever problem-solving and most importantly, his respectful interactions with community members. I’m happy to support Pat and he is the best candidate for the diverse community of College Ward."

Sophia LeongManaging Director, 3Coins, Former Executive Director, Telfer Executive MBA Program


"I have lived in College Ward most of my life. Growing up, I lived in Copeland Park for 10 years. Later we raised our sons in Ridgeview (near Pinecrest Pool). Now retired, we have 9 grandchildren who play in the same parks our sons did, 40 years ago. Recently my mother (who lived in Copeland Park to age 98) passed away at 100. Mom knew Pat McGarry well, as a business associate, community neighbour, and good friend. Our family very much appreciated having Pat guide us through our loss in January, to our Celebration of Life, July 9. We came to appreciate Pat (as Mom had) for his unique blend of leadership with respect, efficiency with compassion, professionalism with warmth, competence with sensitivity, and always a welcome sense of humour, to ease the way. I was so pleased to hear Pat's announcement. Our city, and College Ward, need Pat's strong leadership, many skills, and city experience. I'm certain Pat McGarry will serve College Ward and the city of Ottawa well."

Nancy Pinck (nee Ball), lifelong resident of College Ward


Patrick's business acumen and experience would be a welcome addition to City Hall.”

Jim Kyte, Dean - School of Hospitality & Tourism, Algonquin College, Accessibility and Inclusion Advocate


Pat, the news you are running for City Council for College Ward is most welcome and encouraging.  We need your kind of common sense and decency at that table.

Steve Madely, Retired CFRA Radio Broadcaster

Listen to Pat’s radio interview with Kristy Cameron, 580 CFRA Talk Radio Host 


“Too often we hear that politics, especially municipal politics, does not seem to be able to attract quality candidates! When I learned of Pat McGarry’s aspirations to become the next elected councilor for College Ward, I was confident that this should no longer be a concern.
We are proud to call Patrick a special friend, a respected business professional, former accomplished professional athlete, an active community leader, an involved 20-year Kiwanis Club of Ottawa member and a loving father. We are equally proud to endorse him as he runs for Councillor for College Ward.”

Tom and Judi Pullen


Congratulations Patrick McGarry, EMBA ! This is exciting news, I agree College Ward would be well looked after with you by their side.

Janice Siddons, EMBA - Chief Operating Officer at Fully Managed by TELUS Business


I would move to College Ward just so I could vote for him! Congrats and good luck Pat!

Rob Mariani, Modulink Design Build


"Patrick served as Chair of the Board of Directors of GFD of Canada from 2015 to 2017.  He is a kind man who is well liked by our Board and staff for his attentive, caring manner, his courage in addressing sensitive issues directly, and his striving to understand diverse perspectives with compassion and empathy.  Patrick is respected for his ability to make concise, ethical decisions and to keep others on task during meetings and planning sessions."

Heather Kitely, President & CEO, GFD


College Ward voters would be wise to elect Patrick McGarry!

Walter Robinson, Former Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Ottawa


I am honoured and delighted to articulate my support for Pat McGarry in his first time candidacy as Councillor for College Ward. We have been colleagues and friends since 2006, and I have been fortunate to work with this pillar of our community. In addition to his wide and extensive business accomplishments, Pat's recent completion of his EMBA with the Telfer School of Management has greatly contributed to his deep appreciation and knowledge of national and international issues.  Personal and Personable, Accountable and Accessible, Thoughtful and Totally Engaging - Make College Ward the Best Ever. VOTE FOR PAT MCGARRY!
Maureen Katz, International Ambassador, former Ottawa Chamber of Commerce.


As a member of the Kitigan Zibi Algonquin Nation, I work in the justice system, both in Gatineau and Maniwaki.  I met Pat in his role as a facilitator for a trauma workshop presented to the Restorative Justice Circle of Kitigan Zibi.  I can honestly say that Pat is a “man of patience”.  He has the drive and determination needed to make him successful as a city councillor.  Pat is a caring individual with many contacts throughout the Ottawa region and beyond.  He has developed these contacts through his many projects and hard work but I believe it’s the goodness of his soul, his personality and the way he treats people that matters.  Patrick is a great choice for College Ward and it is my pleasure to endorse him!

Rob McDougall, Restorative Justice Circle Member, Kitigan Zibi, Algonquin Nation


You will be great for the people of that ward. Congrats, happy to support your efforts!

Carmine Mazzotta, President of Innovative Financial


I was happy to read the announcement of your candidacy for College Ward, Pat. We need some fresh voices in City Hall and you, given all of your experience, your decision to run couldn't come at a better time. All the best!

Allen MacLeod, President at D. & A. MacLeod Company


Congratulations on your decision to run. City council will be stronger with you. Ottawa will be better served when you get elected! I’m excited for you!

Robert Houle, Vice President of CAPCORP Financial Corporation 


Nice to see someone with business sense and intelligence running for office! I hope you’re successful!

Stewart Watson, Construction Manager Ottawa Gatineau Region Dymon Group at DYMON Storage


Excellent to see business owners step up. Ottawa needs direction.

Thomas West, Managing Partner, Tax Partner, Smith & West CPA 


Patrick, you are a pillar in the community. Good luck and I know that you will make a great representative!

Brendan Marsden, MBA - MBA at The Basel School of Business


“Pat McGarry is a gentleman. I know Pat best through his involvement year after year with Hillel Lodge’s ‘Biking for Bubbies’ fundraiser which raises much needed funds for our seniors. I also play hockey with Pat and respect not only his abilities but his fair play. Someone's demeanor on the ice or playing field speaks volumes about their character off the ice. And Pat’s character is top notch.

Joel Diener, Local Business Owner


"I was delighted to hear that Patrick was running for Ottawa City Council. As well as being a successful businessman of impeccable integrity, he has been a compassionate, caring, and supportive and demonstrated presence in the community for which he cares deeply. He will bring that to the endeavour as well as an intelligent, pleasant and collaborative manner."

Peter R Coffin, Retired Anglican Bishop of Ottawa and to the Canadian Forces


“It would be difficult to find a better candidate to represent College Ward than Patrick. His stellar business background combined with a logical approach to problem solving makes him the one to vote for, not to mention he is a genuine individual.”

Joseph Lawrence, BSc. D.C. D.A.C.N.B.  F.A.C.F.N. F.A.B.B.I.R
Fellow American Board Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Fellow American College Functional Neurology
Diplomate American Chiropractic Neurology Board
Doctor of Chiropractic 


"I know Pat McGarry is a caring, committed and compassionate leader who will work hard every day to serve the College Ward Community."

Tom Flood, Sr. VP Hulse, Playfair & McGarry, Former Kanata Councillor


"Congratulating my friend Pat McGarry, EMBA as he enters politics throwing his hat into the ring in College Ward (Ward #8) in the upcoming Ottawa municipal elections. Pat is an outstanding person who would be an outstanding councillor. College Ward would be lucky to have him! Good luck Pat!"

Geordie Adams, President, PubliVate Inc.


"I love this Pat! You will be an amazing advocate! Best of luck!"

Kim McWaters, Development Officer (Athletics), Carleton University


"We increase value & enjoyment of your home & business. - Great news. We need more ‘Patricks’ at City Hall. Leading by example, thanks!"

Thom Bourne, Owner & Chief Transformation Officer at Nutri-Lawn Service Group


"Nice to see someone with business sense and intelligence running for office! I hope you’re successful!"

Stewart Watson, Construction Manager Ottawa-Gatineau Region Dymon Group at DYMON Storage


"We need more city councillors like Pat. College Ward and all of Ottawa would benefit from his dedication and commitment to this community. If you can’t vote for him, help in any way you can!"

Jeff Turner, Senior Manager, Indigenous Partnerships and Special Projects


"I have known Pat for over 20 years through our service with the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. We have served on numerous committees together and I have always been impressed with Pat's leadership and skills. He is prepared and organized for a meeting and he's able to bring people together to get things done. Pat is my family's pick to be the next councillor of College Ward and I highly recommend him to my neighbours."

Clive Woolley, College Ward Resident